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Home Run Training - Wednesday 15th April

Check out all of today's workout!


Morning Mobility


Standing Straddle - 3 Mins

Single-Leg Forward Fold - 3 Mins Each Side

Butterfly - 4 Mins

Down Dog - 30 Seconds

Seated Cross Shin - 3 Mins Each Side

Seated Forward Fold - 4 Mins

Straddle - 5 Mins

Rebound 3-5 Mins

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Home Run Kids Training

20 sec on; 10 sec off

3 Rounds

Invisible Chair Hold



Hand Stand Hold

5 Rounds

20 sec on; 10 Sec off


Hops Over an Object


*All future kids workout will be recorded and put on youtube and will no longer be live.


Home Run Training


5 Rounds

40 Sec on; 20 Sec off

Mountain Climbers

Reverse Lunges Each Leg + Air Squat

Reverse Burpees

Plank Down + Up

Hollow Rocks

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DB/KB Workout

12 Min AMRAP

8 - DB/KB Deadlifts

8 - DB Snatches

8 - Goblet Squats

8 - Push Presses

*Perform all reps on one arm then switch over to opposite arm for next round.

12 Min Cap

300 Air Squats

Every Min on the Buzzer/Minute 5 Press Ups

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