You Train Hard

You know the benefits of being in the Box - but you're not seeing all the results of your hard work yet - not in the mirror nor with a bar in the Box. You want to perform well and look good.
Your diet and nutrition should serve the purpose of supporting your training, boosting your recovery, building muscle and improving your body composition.

Ruthless Results

Hi, I'm Ronelle

Wife to Paul, mum to Isabella, David, Kirsten and Chanel, Crossfitter and nutritionist for Tiger Pit that are ruthless about getting you results, whatever that looks like to you:

- lose weight and nail those butterflies

- turn healthy eating into a lifestyle

- take your performance to competitive level
- transform your body

Anyone can write you a diet plan - not anyone can get you results. If you're serious about change, I would love to help you.

BSc (Hons) Nutrition | BSc Biokinetics
 CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Contact Me

Email me or flag me down any time you see me at the box for a quick conversation on nutrition, your goals and moving forward

- Ronelle