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We moved from there into CrossFit because we just could not sustain the training hours due to having children. It started with going online and trying some of the workouts - not really understanding the movement patterns or methodology - but taking a good crack at it and absolutely loving it. It has had us on our backs and on our knees, but in all of it, we thrived and so started our relationship with CrossFit.


We searched high and low for 2.5 years for a space in Orpington and finally through prayer and trusting God, we found a stepping stone, an open door to open a small box and an opportunity to build a community – The Tiger PIT was born.

Lou’s dad passed away tragically 6 years. He had his own business called Tiger Pumps back in South Africa. Before opening Tiger Pit CrossFit, we had been training in our back yard and started to call it “the fit pit”. We put the two together and so Tiger Pit CrossFit was birthed.

We both did our L1 in 2014, then I went on to complete my L2 in 2016. Lou currently holds an L2 certification.

We love people and seeing them succeed in their journey of life. We hope to play a small part in helping you do life better. The story continues and we hope that you will become a part of it. We dream big dreams and we invite you to come and join us on this ride!


I am AD Foster (in the red shirt) and my wife (pink shirt) and business partner is Lou Foster. We have 2 boys, Jonah and Eli and lastly our little blessing Sofia. We have passionately pursued sport in a full-time and part-time capacity for the past 20 years.

I come from a rugby and Lou from a hockey background. I played full-time rugby during my time at University for the Bulls and Falcons. My wife played for South Africa since the age of 16 and ended her international career in Ireland after playing 24 tests for Ireland.

We stepped into the triathlon realm for 3 years after playing rugby and hockey. We completed 5 Ironman triathlons and 6 half Ironman triathlons between the two of us. We were also fortunate enough to have completed a stage of the etape (tour de France) which was a major highlight and experience!

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