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CrossFit in its most technical term is “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity”. It is made up of 10 fitness domains:

Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance; Stamina; Strength;  Flexibility;  Power;  Speed; Coordination;  Agility;  Balance;  Accuracy.


CrossFit is not by any means IT, but it has shown itself as the only training methodology that can accurately measure fitness. Along with making that claim it consistently produces great results no matter what gene pool you come from or how genetically gifted you are!



My experience after playing sport full time for 9 years and having done three Ironman triathlon’s tells me this is the way to go, it works, it does what it says on the tin and it’s just cool!


Do you want to do life better? Get into a box. THE box.


Get into The PIT.



Fundamentals Classes

After signing up with us you will go through our Fundamentals, on ramp classes where you will become confident in all things CrossFit. Coach Glen will be touch with you and he runs through all the movements and more. This is free at Tiger Pit CrossFit. 

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