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Home Run Training - Friday 15th May

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Morning Mobility


Standing Straddle - 3 Mins

Single-Leg Foward Fold - 4 Mins ES

Dragon - 2 Mins ES

Lizard - 3 Mins ES

Pigeon - 3 Mins

Butterfly - 4 Mins

Seated Straddle - 5 Mins

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Core Crusher



Straight Legs Sit-Ups (+DB)

L-sit Over DB (ES)

Ankle Touches (ES)

Time Cap: 15 Mins


30 sec on/20 sec off - 5 Rounds

Hollow Rock Hold

Single-Leg V-Ups

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Home Run Training


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DB/KB Workout

30 sec on/ 15 sec rest

Bulgarian Split Squat - R

Bulgarian Split Squat - L

Plank Shoulder Taps

Single-Leg Hip Bridge - R

Single-Leg Hip Bridge - L



DB Hang Snatch or KB Swing

DB/KB Push Press

OH DB/KB Front Lunges

20 Burpees over the DB/KB Buy-Out

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